Sound-World Duets: 10 Harmonic Duet-Etudes with Play-along Recording (digital download)

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SOUND-WORLD DUETS takes you on a journey through ten distinct realms of sound. Part evocative music, part technical manual, Sound-World Duets will  challenge your playing skills and also expand your understanding of how certain atmospheres are created through music.

Downloadable eBook & play-along recording (67 page eBook & 70 digital audio tracks)



Audio samples of duets:

The included recording offers a variety of fun play-a-long options for each duet, including:

  • accompaniment backing tracks
  • accompaniment backing tracks with pre-recorded trpt 1 or 2
  • trpt 1 & 2 backing tracks without the accompaniment

Each backing track features a unique instrumentation and style, ranging from a standard jazz rhythm section to an afro-cuban ensemble, a woodwind quartet with tympani, strings and percussion, a polka brass band and even a heavy metal band. Though the duets can be played without them, the backing tracks add to the diversity of each sound world, making the journey even more exciting!

Downloadable eBook & play-along recording (67 pages & 70 digital audio tracks)

(for a physical copy of the book, please click on this link:

What trumpeters are saying so far:

“Love the book,tons of great info and exercises!!! This will keep me busy for months!!!”

-Eric Miyashiro

“Wow this is truly incredible! I’ve been looking for something like this for years!”

-Spencer Mullen

“What a fantastic resource! Thanks Charlie!”

-John Beercroft

1 review for Sound-World Duets: 10 Harmonic Duet-Etudes with Play-along Recording (digital download)

  1. Rated 2 out of 5

    At the end of the etude, when our ears are totally accustomed to the presence of the difference tone, both flutes suddenly perform low sounds and a low-C# unison at the end.

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